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              Guiding principles
              At Lithplus we recognise that our all of the business has an impact on people and the planet, in particular people’s working conditions, as well as the environment, both locally and globally. We also strongly believe that we can do the right thing while being a good manufacturer. This is a pre-condition to our future growth that will be achieved along with our customers and suppliers that share our vision and ambition.
              guiding principles when working with environmental, social and working conditions are:

              What is in the best interest of the child?
              What is in the best interest of the Worker?
              What is in the best interest of the environment?
              Through these principles we support the direction described in Lithplus Sustainability Strategy--- “People & Planet Positive”.

              The fundamentals
              The Lithplus Way on Purchasing raw materials, manufacturing, and service,
              (SACOC) is the Lithplus Supplier Code of Conduct. It comprises the Lithplus minimum requirements relating to the Environment and Social & Working Conditions (including Child Labour). SACOC is based on the eight core conventions defined in the Fundamental
              Principles of Rights at Work, ILO declration June 1998 and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact 2000.Lithplus recognises the fundamental principles of Human Rights, as defined by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (United Nations 1948) and adheres to the United Nations sanction list and European Union restrictive measures list.
              Legal compliance 
              Lithplus and Lithplus Supplier shall always comply
              with the most demanding requirements whether they are relevant applicable laws
              or Lithplus SACOC specific requirements. Should Lithplus requirement contradict
              national laws or regulations, the law shall always be complied with and prevail. 
              Business ethics
              The values of trust, integrity and honesty are at the foundation of SACOC and are
              keys to its sustainable implementation. It is on this basis that we begin the relationships and through continued respect of these values that it will grow.It is important that all Lithplus co-Workersand external business partners understand the Lithplus position on corruption and its prevention. This has been established in Lithplus’s approach on anti-corruption. This has been communicated to all business partners via vendor letters, which are signed by all Suppliers.