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              Why Lithplus

              Values to our customers:

              Better than only ISO9001 system, Lithplus quality assurance system is an integration of ISO9001, TS16949 and other high-end customers required management system.  Qualified products come from systematic design instead of after production inspection, FMEA are applied throughout design and production process to control all quality related elements.
              Automation: Lithplus is equipped with high speed fully automation line, without any manual operation and interfering, from the start to the end, from raw material dosing to filling, mixing, pasting, cutting, assembling, electrolyte filling, sealing, aging, sorting, transportation to quality tracking. 

              Rich Experience: Accumulated rich experience in battery field, know better application requirements to batteries, know better failure mode.
              Products are customized to each individual customer requirement to make our customer more competitive in their field.

              Precise Control: More strict environment and manufacturing condition control

              JIT: JIT production mode make our cost competitive and products fresher.

              Sustainability: Lithplus is a company focus on social responsibility. 

              Most clients are global top 500 companies, advanced international management concepts are synchronized in Lithplus.